Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Suffering an injury because someone else was careless may leave you feeling hopeless. We know that dealing with insurance companies can be difficult. We provide services to victims of personal injury including negotiation of insurance claims. While insurance companies have a contract with the person they insured, we know they will do whatever is necessary to pay as little as possible out on a claim.

Too often victims of car accidents and other injuries accept whatever the insurance company offers. Oftentimes, this is not nearly enough to compensate for medical bills, or pain and suffering. We can help with the negotiation process, or when necessary we can take the matter to court and present your case. Most cases settle without the need to ever file a lawsuit, however, if a lawsuit must be filed to force the insurance companies’ hands, we are ready to do so.

It is important for victims to remember insurance companies are interested in their own bottom line. We strongly recommend you work with an attorney rather than trying to negotiate a settlement on your own. The value of your claim often goes up drastically when an insurance company knows an attorney is involved.

If you were injured due to someone’s negligence and need help negotiating a settlement, or filing a personal injury lawsuit, contact Sprott, Golden, & Bardwell. Our offices are located in Harrison, Arkansas, Berryville, and Fayetteville Arkansas. We provide victims with help in securing the compensation they are entitled to in Northwest and North Central Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

Notable Case: Attorneys Jim Sprott and Kelsey Bardwell obtained the highest jury verdict in the history of Boone County, Arkansas, for a personal injury client with catastrophic injuries in the amount of $5.22M.